Gala: WCA Level 1 Championships 15th-16th March 2019

Full set of Results including Team Scores: Click here

Full set of Results:


Welcome Letter

Venue, Date and Sessions

Venue: Fairmont High School, indoor 25m pool
Date: Fri 15th – Sat 16th march 2019
Sessions: (this has changed)


  • Some of the heats have less than 8 swimmers per age group per heat.
  • Therefore some of the heats might be combined, depending on scratchings and/or late entries. 
  • Because of this, please be careful when using the heat Start times and those times will change due to combining.
  • Also note that the Meet will be re-seeded up to 30mins before the Session starts.

Kind regards
Lucinda Koch
CTMA Swimboard Convenor

Google Map

Google map to Fairmont High School: Click Here


Final Set of Reports (14th Mar)

Please Note:

  1. No parking in front of driveways – your car will be towed.
  2. No parking on red lines – your car will be towed.
  3. Please respect the security guards and do not try to go up or down the one-way street. Enter via Meday Crescent and exit via Durbell Road.
  4. Only the Aquatics Centre has been hired, and no other area of the school.  The school and its sports facilities is not a play venue for siblings and guests.  PLEASE DO NOT USE THE ASTRO OR RUGBY FIELD.
  5. Please do not bring your dogs or pets to the venue, at all.
  6. Swimmers must be fully dressed on entering and exiting the school.
  7. Clubs may only use the field in front of the tuck shop to put gazebos up.
  8. Kindly pick up your rubbish and dispose of it in the bins provided.
  9. Additional parking is available in Eversdal Road.

Clubs on Duty

Second Set of Reports (7th Mar)


First Set of Reports (28th Feb)

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