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Darryl Faught
cell: 084-512-3123
email: darryl@pwrtraining.co.za
web: www.leopardpoolblankets.co.za


Our blankets are 100% South African, hand-made and designed to last years and years. If maintained they could last 15 to 20 yrs. Each blanket is made to the specific need of our clients. Not only are they hand stitched using double re enforced UV resistant thread, they are reinforced with brass rivets along all seams. This makes our blankets the strongest and most durable in the market. They never tear or rip. There are brass eyelets (which are re enforced) on both leading edges which allows for easy rolling up.

They are made of the highest quality and standard. We spare no costs when sourcing our products for our blankets. There is simply no other blanket which measures up to our standard. Leopard pool blankets do not tear or become brittle like other blankets on the market. Most blankets on the market last 2 to 3 years.

We also pride ourselves with the fact that our blankets are the only blankets on the market which save approx. 60% of the electrical heating cost (see data log chart.) This is virtually unheard of. No other blanket on the market boasts such profound savings.

Our blankets promote a further saving by retarding evaporation by 99% and save 70% on chemicals. They are also designed to heat the pool using natural sunlight. They absorb the heat and in turn transfer the heat into the pool.


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